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about me

name:    markus jurziczek

         (friends call me danone)

birthday:12-4-1971, berlin-steglitz

town:    1971 berlin-steglitz

         1972 linkwedel, niedersachsen

         1973 triangel, niedersachsen

         1976 berlin-schoeneberg

         1976 berlin-zehlendorf

         1978 herleshausen, hessen

         (second residence until 1992)

         1995 abadszalok, hungary

         (second residence)

life station:

primary school, grundschule am buschgraben,until 1984


high school, alfred-wegener-schule, until 1989


student at deutsche reichsbahn,until 1992


employed by deutsche bahn ag , until 1999


currently employed by  s-bahn berlin gmbh


active interests:

history of my family


citizens politics, waehlergemeinschaft unab. buerger


the history of old busses and trains of berlin


gold and silver coins , gaslight-lamps


pits, bunkers and tunnels under berlin


favorite place:

my beautifully place, the dueppeler fenn


my calm place, the castle krassov


my place for easy life in abadszalok , pfaueninsel