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photos of my life

danone and master sound, 1977

postsiedlung, schmueckertstrasse 1976

first day at school - danone 1977 with parents

terrible parties at the wiese, 1991 - 1996

stoned danone 1997

herleshausen, waldstrasse 1985

last day of school -  1989

danone shoots a beer 1998

house in abadszalok, hungary 2003

old family castle ruin krassov between the cities pilzen and prague (bohemica)

 coat of arms of the family

the family had a noble title. in time of the baroque they was a stone cutter for the king in prague. the art you can see in several museums across europe.

house in abadszalok, hungary 2003

cat from abadszalok, hungary: mr. barnabas

mrs. minnie

sunset at the theiss sea, abadszalok hungary 2003